Richard M. Stallman at the Free Software and Open Source Day in O lten

Rubattel Claude Claude.Rubattel at
Thu Apr 10 11:37:10 CEST 2003

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Dear CHOOSE Members

FYI -- pls distribute :

As one of the events in the seminar series "Distributed Software Systems" by
the Department of Computer Sciences and Telecommunications of the University
of Applied Sciences Solothurn Northwestern Switzerland, 
a Free Software & Open Source Day will take place 
on Wednesday 21st May 2003 in Olten on the theme 'Philosophy, Use and
with the participation of Richard M. Stallman, founder and leader from
GNU-Project, founder and president of the Free Software Foundation.

Have a look to (Early bird registration by 21st April 2003:
Fr. 100.-- discount)

See you in Olten
Best regards

Claude Rubattel
University of Applied Sciences Solothurn Northwestern Switzerland
(Fachhochschule Solothurn Nordwestschweiz)
Riggenbachstrasse 16, 4600 Olten / Switzerland

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