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The CHOOSE executive board is glad to invite you to the next talk given
by Dr. Walter Bischofberger (Software-Tomography GmbH):  
– Supporting Large-Scale Software Development with a new Generation of
Static Analysis Tools" on Monday, September 8. 2003.

This event is free for all SI-CHOOSE members, even the drinks after the
talk! Non-CHOOSE members are encouraged to fill out the membership
application form (http://www.s-i.ch/si-appl.html) before attending the
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NOTE: registration for this event is required. See registration form at
the end of this e-mail.
Software-Tomography – Supporting Large-Scale Software Development
with a new Generation of Static Analysis Tools
September 8. 2003

Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik (IWI), Universität Bern,
Engehaldenstrasse 8, 3012 Bern,  Hörsaal 001

Travel instructions: http://www.iam.unibe.ch/~scg/Resources/Maps/

Dr. Walter Bischofberger (Software-Tomography GmbH)

17:00 - 18:15h Talk and Q/A
Afterwards you are invited to a refreshment.

Today many questions remain unanswered during the development and  
evolution of large-scale object-oriented software systems. Questions  
that can be answered with software-tomographs are, for example:

* Does the implementation correspond to the intended architecture? Did
   somebody break the architectural guidelines yesterday? Is the current
   reengineering effort converging towards the new architecture? Are my
   components only used through EJB invocations?
* How is the library, we are evolving, used by its current clients? Can
   I discard parts of the library because they are not used? Which
   interfaces are used heavily and have to remain stable? Which
   subsystems depend on this interface?
* Which parts of the source code have to be investigated with special
   emphasis during the next code review? Are there problematic parts
   in our software system, which continuously grow worse over time?

This talk shows, based on practical examples, how Software-Tomography’s  
Sotograph could help to answer these questions, to improve the quality  
of your software and to streamline your software development.
Further information is available at www.software-tomography.com

Dr. Walter Bischofberger is working on tools for software development  
for almost 20 years. Among others he developed a user interface  
generator, the multi-language programming environment SNiFF+ and the  
cooperative development environment Beyond-Sniff. During the last four  
years he has been working on a software-tomograph, a new generation of  
static analysis tools supporting large-scale code comprehension and  
quality analysis. The resulting technology is practically applied by  
software quality consultants since 2001 and marketed since the  
beginning of 2003 by Software-Tomography GmbH.


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