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Mon Sep 8 14:03:30 CEST 2003

The CHOOSE executive board is glad to invite you to the next talk given
by Dr. Richard Mitchell (InferData, Austin, TX, USA): "Why not use
cases?" on Thursday, September 11. 2003.

This event is free for all SI-CHOOSE members, even the drinks after the
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Why not use cases?

September 11. 2003

Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik (IWI), Universität Bern,
Engehaldenstrasse 8, 3012 Bern,  Hörsaal 001

Travel instructions: http://www.iam.unibe.ch/~scg/Resources/Maps/

Dr Richard Mitchell, InferData,  Austin, TX, USA

17:00 - 18:15h Talk and Q/A
Afterwards you are invited to a refreshment.


Use cases are central to most software development processes based on the
modelling language UML. Use cases help specifiers organise system
requirements around different kinds of users.

Use cases do not capture business rules. In some development processes, this
is a serious weakness. This talk will take a use case and from it develop a
model that does capture business rules.

The talk will briefly discuss what kinds of development processes can
benefit from modelling, and some of the consequences of persisting with
approaches based on use cases.


Richard Mitchell is a senior consultant for InferData Ltd of Austin, Texas,
a small consulting and training company specializing in model-driven
development of enterprise applications.

Richard has helped many companies build precise models of parts of their
businesses, and has trained many business analysts in modelling skills.

Richard is the lead author of "Design by Contract, by Example," which
describes the application to programming of the modelling principles used in
his talk.


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