[Tutorial] SCRUM: A Methodology to Keep the Team Going

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Fri Sep 19 11:19:12 CEST 2003

SSUG the Swiss Smalltalk User Group in collaboration with CHOOSE is 
glad to  invite you to the next half-day tutorial given by J. Pelrine 
(MetaProg GmbH):

"SCRUM: A Methodology to Keep the Team Going" on tuesday, October    
14th 2003 from 14h to 18h at the IAM Room 001. 

Scrum, one of the agile processes, has been used to develop systems and 
products    since 1995 on thousands of projects in hundreds of 
organizations. Scrum implements    in several days and delivers 
increments of functionality within thirty days.    Scrum wraps existing 
engineering practices. Because Scrum is a development management    
process, it has also been used for such projects as marketing, 
research, and    hardware product development.

In this talk, we'll discuss how Scrum and all agile processes work, the 
theory    behind them and their underlying practices of inspection and 
adaptation. Then    weíll look at Scrum's detailed practices of 
iterations, increments of    code, emergence of requirements and 
design, and self-organization of teams.    Through these practices, 
Scrum introduces a heartbeat of regular productivity    to an 
organization that foments customer and engineering collaboration. If XP 
    is wrapped by Scrum, XP's engineering practices ensure the quality 
of this code    and stability of the emerging product, while Scrum 
provides the organizational    framework which allows development to 

Ken Schwaber and Mike Beedle, Agile Software Development with Scrum 
(First edition),
Alan R. Apt, 2001.

Mike Beedle, Martine Devos, Yonat Sharon, Ken Schwaber and Jeff 
“SCRUM: A Pattern Language for Hyperproductive Software Development,”   
    Pattern Languages
of Program Design 4 , Neil Harrison, Brian Foote and Hans Rohnert 
(Eds.),      pp. 637-652,
Addison Wesley, 2000.


Joseph Pelrine is CO of MetaProg, a company devoted to increasing the 
quality    of
software and its development process. He has had a successful career as 
software    developer, project
manager and consultant, and has spoken about it at such diverse places 
as IBM,    OOPSLA and the Chaos
Computer Club. In addition to being one of Europeís most experienced    
eXtreme Programming
practitioners and coaches, he is also Europe's first certified 


Tutorial Fees
140 CHF for Choose member
120 CHF for SSUG members (in fact 100 CHF + 20 CHF for            
80   CHF for students
200 CHF SI member
250 CHF others

SSUG Sponsors:
Daedalos Consulting AG ( http://www.daedalos.ch ),
iFace AG ( http://www.iface.ch ),
Object-Oriented Limited ( http://www.object-oriented.com ).


Fill in the form below and sent it to tschmid at iam.unibe.ch .    You 
will then receive an invoice from the University of Berne.

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