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Thu Nov 13 17:16:03 CET 2003

Hi all

Daniel Ratiu that has been sponsored by Choose for a visit to the 
SCG/IAM will present the results of  his master thesis by giving a 
talk:  "Time-Based Detection Strategies".

The diploma thesis topic is to extend of the current way of detecting 
design flaws (i.e. based on information in one version only) to also 
take into consideration historical information (e.g. how stable is a 
class suspected of being a God Class). He used the concept of Detection 
Strategy which is defined as the the quantifiable expression of a rule, 
by which design fragments that are conformant to that rule can be 
detected in the source code. Thus, he defined detection strategies 
based on software measurements which take the historical information 
into account.

Daniel Ratiu is a freshly graduated engineer and this presentation is 
about his work performed mainly during the diploma project.

When: Tuesday 18th of November 2003
At: 17h15
Where: room 107 Schützenmattstrasse 14
	Software Composition Group
	Institut für Informatik
	Universität Bern
	Neubrückstrasse 10
	CH-3012 Bern


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