[Choose-news] SIG-Beer April 28th in Zurich at HWZ: Claus Gittinger introduces Flow-Based Programming and Testing

Markus Gälli gaelli at methodsinaction.com
Tue Mar 23 08:38:40 CET 2010

The Swiss Group for Object-Oriented Systems and Environments CHOOSE[5], the Center for Business Engineering of the HWZ [6] and the Smalltalk User Group Switzerland SMUG-S[7] are happy to invite you to the talk and apero:

Flow-Based Programming and Testing: Claus Gittinger presents Expecco

"Flow-based programming (FBP) is a programming paradigm that defines applications as networks of black box processes, which exchange data across predefined connections by message passing. These black box processes can be reconnected endlessly to form different applications without having to be changed internally. FBP is thus naturally component-oriented." [1]

Claus Gittinger is best known as the creator of Smalltalk/X[2], an industrial-strength open source Smalltalk environment. In this talk Claus will demonstrate the paradigm of FBP using his newest product, an IDE for visual flow-based programming called Expecco[3] which is rooted in Smalltalk/X. 

Expecco is attacking the market for IDEs used to create automated end-to-end tests. Thus Claus will first explain how test engineers create appropriate atomic building blocks targeting their specific context. He will then show how test designers visually compose and connect those building blocks towards complex but reusable, readable and tweakable end-to-end tests. Claus will conclude by sharing his experience of using Expecco in companies like Swisscom.

A non-commercial version of Expecco is available for educational institutions like schools or universities[4].

Wednesday, 28th April 2010
	18:00 - 19:00 Talk
	19:00 - 20:00 Apero sponsored by CHOOSE

HWZ Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich
Room 306
Lagerstrasse 5
8004 Zürich, Switzerland

PLEASE: Register for this event so we can plan the apero:

The HWZ is 5 minutes walk from the main station Zurich, just across the Sihlpost.

Hope to see you all


[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flow-based_programming
[2] http://www.exept.de/en/products/smalltalk-x/stx-overview
[3] http://www.exept.de/en/products/expecco
[4] http://www.exept.de/de/company/press/press-releases/pr-exept-education-initiative
[5] http://choose.s-i.ch/
[6] http://www.fh-hwz.ch/g3.cfm/s_page/51890/s_name/leitung1
[7] http://smug-s.ning.com

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