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Lukas Renggli renggli at
Tue Feb 14 16:11:52 CET 2006

> Is it easy to associate different language for description - (to
> automatically translate a UI ?)
> It's mainly all a question of String translation, maybe we can use the
> message translated ... but where to store the different values ...
> Is it feasible ?

Yes, this is feasible easily. There is no direct support in Magritte  
or Pier itself, but that can be done with your preferred string  
translating framework.

What we usually do at is to have a special special class  
TranslatedString that provides the same interface as the String  
class, but consists of a collection of translated strings. Depending  
on the selected language in the session, the TranslatedString  
instance behaves like one of its containing strings. This approach  
works well with Magritte.


Lukas Renggli

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