Pier problems

Lukas Renggli renggli at iam.unibe.ch
Mon Feb 20 00:28:02 CET 2006

> The problem is, disabling view doesn't hide contents. ie: "Other"
> users can still view the first page of the wiki (even if the links
> are grayed), the tree contents, and worst, if they type the address
> directly, they can view all the pages of the wiki. (this problem was
> already reported by Cédrick Béler, and I fixed it quick&dirty by
> modifying PRContentsWidget and PRTreeWidget to only display content
> when context isValid)

That's a bit of a problem to hide the root page. What should be  
displayed then? How does the user log-in?

I fixed the problem with the adress that could be manually typed in  
just this afternoon (yesterday actually), simply load the latest  
version of Pier-Seaside.

> - PRFilePersistency:
> 	- When PRFilePersistency is instanced, it doesn't actually create
> the log file. So when using the Log or Changes commands before saving
> anything, I get a FileDoesNotExistException.

Yes, it is known that this doesn't work.

> - When a page is deleted, when I use Changes or Log Commands, I get
> an UndefinedObject error. If I manually delete the log, the problem
> is solved.

Yes nasty, I know :-/

> - Would be interesting to have a way to change the default log file
> name (I added this in my image)
> - mutex: I got a strange problem. Suddenly, one of the 3 kernels
> stopped accepting logins. The page just froze when I tried to login.
> I found that something went wrong with a process in this kernel's
> mutex. I tried to play with the blocked process, sending resume and
> terminate messages, but I probably shouldn't have, because the image
> locked, and the VM segfaulted, so I couldn't investigate it more
> deeply ;-)
> - Do you have a bug tracker for Pier ?

Ok, these are obviously all bugs for Pier. I will have a look at them  
tomorrow. Up to now we used this mailing-list and a wiki page to  
report bugs:


Maybe later on we want to go to Squeak-Mantis (somebody already  
created a category for Pier), but right now I am a bit afraid of the  
overhead ...


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