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Lukas Renggli renggli at
Wed Feb 22 21:01:19 CET 2006

> What I would like to find (and maybe it's out there, but I can't  
> find it) is how to create a totally new "website". And, make it  
> only readable by the general public (e.g when starting Pier, it  
> just starts up and exposes everything.) Note that I'm not very  
> familiar with web technology.

If you load 'Pier-Security' from Squeak map you can easily make your  
web-site read only for public. With the 'Unix Permission' package you  
need to remove all the permission except the one for the view from  
the root directory of 'others' and assign the admin as 'owner' and  

> The information to create a totally new website seems to be lacking  
> in the documentation - or I just haven't found it or completely by- 
> passed it. Or I'm just a confused (which is totally possible)

Yes, there is a lack of documentation :-/

> What is a typical way of creating a website from existing seaside  
> or pier classes? What the heck do I subclass? Or do I subclass?
> There are a lot of Pier classes, and I'm a bit confused. Maybe the  
> best thing for me to do is create a Seaside app and not subclass Pier?

What I did for my website was just to change the style sheet, to edit  
the page 'environment' and to write some content. For most users  
there is probably no need to write any code.

I will try and see if we can come up with something ready for Seaside- 
Hosting, so that people can only press a button and then they get a  
ready made and nicely hosted Pier system running. For now this is  
just an idea, but if I find some time I will try to prepare  
something ...


Lukas Renggli

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